Library Tutorials for Blackboard

If you would like to upload a library tutorial to your Blackboard course and have the quiz results appear in your grade center, begin by clicking on a tutorial below. Save the zip file in a place that makes sense to you.

Keyword Searching: Truncation (worth 15 points)

Selecting a Database (worth 15 points)

Using Article Linker in the STLCC Databases (worth 15 points)

Finding a Specific Journal or Periodical (worth 15 points)

Finding Original Research (worth 3 points)

Finding Original Research (worth 15 points)

Introduction to MLA Documentation (worth 40 points)

When you are ready to add a tutorial to Blackboard follow these steps:

1. Log in

2. Go to assignments

3. Choose edit view

4. Select SCORM content as the assignment type and click GO.

5. Give the item a title, browse for and select the zip file you saved, choose "Flow" for the navigation control type, choose "Yes" for add gradebook item, click submit.

6. On the next screen, click continue to manage SCORM gradebook items.

7. Place a check next to the lesson(s) you want to appear in the gradebook, give them a title and a possible score. Make sure the possible points matches the possible points for the tutorial you have added.

If you have questions or problems, call Becky Helbling at 314-984-7486 or email at