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U.N. prosecutors opened the war crimes trial of Slobodan Milosevic, they accused the deposed Yugoslav president of presiding over a “coordinated and criminal enterprise.” Which used executions, torture, expulsions and genocide to drive non-Serbs from large chunks of the Balkans. Because it aimed to create an ethnically pure Serb nation.

            Prosecutors used videotapes of Milosevic’s speeches. Images of towns being destroyed. Excepts from intercepted telephone conversations. To argue that he financed and directed Serb insurgents who committed atrocities in Croatia and Bosnia.

            The prosecutors said Milosevic was not motivated by ideology or racism. But by a singular desire to hold on to power at any cost. Including playing to the most violent strand of Serb nationalism.

            Milosevic is the first head of state to be tried on such grievous charges, he showed little emotion. As prosecutors laid out the litany of Europe’s horror the 1990s. Genocide against Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As well as crimes in two other wars in Croatia and Kosovo. Prosecutors began laying out their case before the three judges of the International War Crimes Tribunal, Milosevic took several pages of notes. Occasionally glanced toward the spectators’ gallery.

            Milosevic, 60, faces a total of 66 counts of genocide and other war crimes in Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo, each count carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

            More than a million people were imprisoned or forced from their homes, and tens of thousands were killed or maimed in the Balkan wars, prosecutors say.

            The prosecutors’ statement will continue today. Watched in many parts of the Balkans on live television. Milosevic’s turn to speak will come later this week. He is defending himself. Since he is a lawyer by training.