Registering and Enrolling at Eduspace



Step 1: Use your browser to reach

Step 2: Click on “Register Now” and enter the required information. Save your user name and password for future use.


You will need the 13 digit passkey that was included with the book that you purchased in order to enroll.  The passkey is in the “Getting Started Guide.” Included below are instructions on how to enroll in your course:

Step 1: Login to Eduspace at, using the name and password you created.

Step 2
: Click the yellow "Enroll in Your Course" button in the upper right hand part of the welcome screen.

Step 3
: Select the radio button for "Student (Enroll into Course)"

Step 4
: Enter your course code in the field provided. Your course code is
ROBER-D03A8E3475EA6D. You can copy the course code from this page (not including the period at the end of the sentence) and paste it into the appropriate field.

5: Click "Submit."

Step 6
: Enter your access code (also called Passkey). This is the 13 character code that came with your “Getting Started Guide.”

If you receive an error that looks like this: [102350258], then your passkey has already been used by another student, and you will need to purchase a new key.

If you receive an error that looks like this [HJKQ06M1GJB08], then you have entered the passkey incorrectly. Try substituting the number 0 for the letter O and vice versa. Also, please make sure that you enter all CAPITAL letters in the Passkey.

Step 7
: Click "Submit."
You will then be enrolled in your course on Eduspace.

: Once you enroll in your course, click the courses tab or refresh your browser when you return to Eduspace in order to view the course you have enrolled in.  It will not automatically appear on your welcome screen.