Randy Malta, Managerof Telelearning Programming and Adjunct Communications Instructor


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Summary of Qualifications

  • Twenty-six years of progressively responsible management experience in postsecondary, for-profit, non-profit business and community settings.
  • Progressive leadership experience in business settings and with regional and national associations.
  • Demonstrated business, marketing and collaborative skills that increase revenues.

Top Skills

  • Instructional Design
  • Creative strategic planning, project planning and budget development and oversight.
  • Focused leadership and team participation.
  • Interpersonal and collaboration skills.
  • Corporate internal entrepreneur.

The field of teaching and learning, especially instructional design and media is one in which outcomes are best measured by quality and substance of submissions. I prepare clear rubrics so that students know what is expected at the baseline and then proceed to help them to develop mastery level skills and proficiencies that outstrip the examples. I have seen great success in this and I have mentored some of our past “Innovator of the Year” award winners to that position. I am pleased with and proud of that behind the scenes accomplishment.

Education is very important to me. Learning and achieving was my ticket to personal fulfillment and success. Knowledge has come to represent to me the key to personal empowerment and accomplishment. My passion to teach and help professors is driven by a passion to learn and the commitment to find the unifying thought, the key essential that ignites that flame in others.

Teaching and learning is my entry into community and unites me with my fellow learners in a special way. Therefore I take it very seriously. I stand on the shoulders of not a few giants but many. To whom much is given, much is required. Teaching has made me a better human being. I have learned to respect diversity, find beauty and compelling strength in seeing the unique qualities my people bring to the learning enterprise. To this end I have become a master at the art of listening, reading body languages and in extricating the symbols and narratives that speak to my particular audience. This is half the challenge in this ever changing world ...