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Regina Popper

Assistant Professor - English

"Your education is your best investment!!"

English Department

Office in Communications South, #154

Office Phone: 595-2263*

*Current students, please call me at home!

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Instructor's Background

Composition Course Materials:

Eng. 030 - Intro to College Writing

Eng. 032 - Intro to College Writing Lab

Eng. 101 - College Comp

Eng. 102 - College Comp II

Honors Section

Literature Course Materials:

Eng. 201- Intro to Fiction

Eng. 228 - Satire and Humor

Internet Writing Resources

MLA-Style Citations for Online and Electronic Sources

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

New York Times

Facts for Families


Success in College

College 100 - Academic Orientation Syllabus

Guided Independent Learning
(meets once a week)

Tips for Taking Essay Tests

Moving from High School to College

Just for Fun

Screenwriting Tips

STLCC-Florissant Valley Home Page or English Dept.Home Page

Logical Fallacies website

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