Instructor: Regina Popper ENG: 030



INSTRUCTOR'S PHONE: 595-2263 or call me at home: 962-1287



M-W 12 noon to 3 p.m.

T-Th 9:30 a.m. to 10:50 a.m./ T-TH 12:30 to 3 p.m.

& by appointment


DESCRIPTION: Eng. 030 emphasizes learning how to organize ideas and develop them into expository essays. However, as a first step, the course will review paragraph structure and include paragraph writing assignments. Interesting reading assignments will give you practice in understanding and responding to ideas. "Read and Respond" sheets will encourage you to give your personal feelings about certain readings or assignments.

Concurrent enrollment in Eng. 032, Introduction to College Writing Lab, is required so that you can gain more control over the grammar and mechanics of your writing as well as improve your proofreading and rewriting skills.

TEXT: The Confident Writer by Carol Kanar, 2nd edition (1998).

A Dictionary, such as the Merriam-Webster or New World

(optional: Quick Access or any other grammar reference/handbook; see bookstore stacks under Eng. 101 or 102).


SUPPLIES: You will need the following:

- looseleaf paper for in-class writing

- a small ring binder with pocket dividers to save notes, essay handouts/essays and grammar handouts -access to a typewriter or computer (use computer labs)

-mini-stapler to fasten assignments

COURSE OBJECTIVES: During the progress of this course students will…

HOMEWORK: A schedule of assignments will be distributed every three or four weeks. Assigned paragraphs and essays must be typed on a typewriter or a computer. See Guidelines for Submitting Written Assignments.

All writing must be your own; you may seek advice from me, the Writing Center or others, but the writing itself must be yours. Plan to spend about two hours out of class preparing for each hour in class. Since each class is almost an hour long, expect to spend about two hours on homework before the next class. This ratio of class-to-homework time applies to almost all college courses.

WRITING CENTER AND COMPUTER LAB: Our class will tour both of these facilities. The Writing Center in the Communications Building (C-138) has tutors to assist students with any part of writing assignments. The tutors can give specific assistance with grammar problems and can also help in planning and organizing a piece of writing. However, the actual writing must be your own.

The Computer Lab (C-132, near the Writing Center) as well as the Library "CAVE" area both have computers for students to use in writing

assignments and they are open some evenings if you work days. Since you will want to save your writing for a future revision, please take a disk with

you to the Mac Lab or the Library "CAVE" area. A disk (appropriate to the computer you will be using) can be purchased at the campus bookstore.

GRADES: This is a mastery course so to pass you must earn an A, B or C grade; a lower grade receives an F (no D grades are given). If a student

completes all assignments with good effort and has excellent attendance, the student may earn a "PR" or "progress" grade rather than an F, but the class must still be retaken at a later date to earn a passing grade before advancing to Eng. 101.

The two paragraphs will count 10% of your grade, the four essays (one in-class and two out-of-class essays) will count 60 % of your grade, homework, quizzes and in class writing exercises will count 30% of your grade, and attendance l0%.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance is an important part of your grade. If you miss class, you will miss important instructions that guide you in your writing and you'll miss various unannounced in-class writing assignments. If you are absent, follow the course schedule and keep up with assignments.

Attendance counts as l0% of your grade:

1-2 absences = A for l0% of your grade

3 absences = B for l0% of your grade

4-5 absences = C for l0% of your grade

6 absences = D for 10% of your grade 7 or more = F (excessive)

More than 7 or 8 absences = You may be asked to

withdraw from the course

Of course if you are ill, you need to be at home. This attendance policy is meant to reward good attendance and discourage spotty attendance. Since our course depends on peer review, your presence is important! Emergencies and extended illness may occur and an accommodation can usually be made, but please notify your instructor as soon as possible. Extended absences for illness or an absence for campus sports activities require written statements from the coach or doctor.

COURSE WITHDRAWAL: If you find it necessary to withdraw from this course, please formally withdraw by Friday, Nov. 12 to avoid receiving an "F" on your record. To withdraw, begin at the Counseling office and then on to the Registrar's. Remember: Since Eng. 032 is taken concurrently with this course, you can not drop only one.

ADA ACCOMODATIONS STATEMENT: If any student in this class has a need for special testing arrangements, notetaking assistance or other accommodations because of a documented disability, please discuss this with me confidentially during the first week of class. Such needs may include seating closer to the front of the class, a notetaker, extended time for testing or any other approved accommodation.

The college has an office to guide, counsel, and assist students with disabilities. It is called the Access office. If you have accommodation needs,

you will need to get them approved by the Access Office. Call the Access Office at 513-4551.


All out-of-class essays must be typed double-spaced with one and a half inch margins and 12 point type -- the same size and simple look used on this Syllabus. You must staple or clip your pages. In-class assignments and homework must be written in ink on looseleaf paper.

Because you will benefit tremendously by reading other students' papers, I have a set policy on paper deadlines. LATE PAPER RULE: Assigned papers are due in the beginning of class otherwise they are marked down a full grade. An absence does not excuse you from the late paper rule, but if you only have one late paper by the end of the course I will reinstate your original grade. You may submit a paper early if you know you will be absent, and in the case of an extended illness submit an official doctor's note with your name and a date mentioned.

All paragraphs and essays must be completed to pass the course.

REMEMBER: Do your best! Be your best!