A. Anticipate some of the questions: practice answering them.


B. Read all the questions first; estimate the time you will need.


C. Outline your answer very briefly in the margin

(This helps you write faster; you'll avoid omitting important points/facts;

and you might earn additional points even if you don't finish writing.)


D. Answer the question in your first sentence.

(Include part of the question in your answer. There is no need or time for an

official introduction. Take a position or make your main point in the first

sentence and then continue with supporting information)


E. Read question carefully and understand the terms: compare, explain, define, etc.

(You must respond according to the question or you'll earn no credit.)


F. Your answer should be composed of 50% supporting information: ideas that elaborate on each point, facts, examples, and details (write the most

important points case you run out of time)



Also, remember:

*use ink,

*be brief (avoid wordy or unnecessary sentence)

*write on one side only (though you might add a little on the back if you omitted something)

*leave margin on left (room to add words if necessary)

*write legibly

*if time, check grammar and spelling


# # #