Moving from High School to College:


Whatís the Secret?



Recognize this fact:


Opportunity is missed by most people

because it is dressed in overalls

and looks like work.


- Thomas Edison


All your hard work during college will build the foundation for your success. You will be rewarded personally and in your career.



Next, realize that when you are confronted with various events, you can influence the outcome. Remember this formula:


E + R = O


Any Event plus your Response results in the Outcome.



YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE! And now that youíve moved beyond high school, the choice is yours more than ever before.

You can choose negatively or positively; your decision affects the outcome. Before you choose, acknowledge your feelings...feelings are real, accept them...but then "do the right thing"!



REMEMBER: A problem is a chance for you to do your best!


- Duke Ellington




Source: Materials used by Flo Valleyís Office of Transition and Retention