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Xi Lambda Pictures!

As the semester unfolds, this will be our space for displaying pictures of our previous events. Please take pictures at any event you attend! If you have a picture you think should be posted on this page, please e-mail the full-resolution image to the Web Mistress.

Sharon Twining teaching the officer team Sharon Twining teaches the officer team about creating ideas for the chapter at the Executive Board meeting on July 9, 2006
Gregg Heckel and Molly Lancaster at the 2006 Awards Banquet Gregg Heckel and Molly Lancaster mingling at the 2005-2006 Xi Lambda Awards Banquet on April 28, 2006
Steve Brady, Michelle Bene, and Gregg Heckel dancing it up in Potosi.
The dance in Potosi had a pirates theme. This is a picture of the Xi Lambda group (that went).
Denise Willie and Bridget Holmes dressed up as pirate twins!
At the conferences there is a tradition that somebody makes a lay out of a couple of napkins and puts it on somebody they do not know and that person puts it on somebody they do not know and so forth. It is a great way to meet new people. If you cannot tell this is a picture of Gregg Hackel at the Missouri Regional Conference doing just that.
Kay, Mary, Michelle, and Carrie having a blast at the Missouri Regional Banquet. 
Michelle Bene receiving a Hallmark Award.
Xi lambda group that went to Missouri Regional.
John O' Leary giving an inspiring speech at induction.
Sharon Twining (a former Xi Lambda President) also gave a wonderful speech at induction.
Newly inducted members.
John O' Leary and Gregg Hackel at induction.
Newly inducted members enjoying their cake.
Kevin Burke holding back Gregg Hackel and Sheema Zaidi smearing cake in Gregg's face after induction. Can you believe that this was part of our clean up!
Sheema Zaidi was Queen of popping the balloons when we were cleaning up after induction.



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