St. Louis Community College

Mathematics Department



Contact Information

3400 Pershall Road

St. Louis, MO 63135-1499

Office: SM 276

Phone: 314-513-4351


FAX: 314-513-4199

TDD: 314- 513-4369



Office Hours

Spring 2010

MW 1 2 & 3:15 5:40

TR 12:30 2 & 3:45 5:15 PM


College Algebra Chapter 2 Review

College Algebra Chapter 3 Review

College Algebra Chapter 4 Review

College Algebra Chapter 5 Review

College Algebra Chapter 6 Review

Complete Factoring Rules

EA Rules For Exponents Chap. 5

IA Chap 9 Worksheet-Exponents

IA Chap 10 Review

Basic Graphs w/Domains and Ranges

SC Chapter 2 Template

CA HW Template

EA HW Template

IA HW Template


Grading Policy

  • Approximately five or more tests and a comprehensive final are given.
  • No make-up tests are given.  Lowest test grade will be replaced with your final test grade.
  • Attendance is taken each class meeting and considered during final grading. 
  • Although homework may or may not be graded, you are responsible for all homework assignments.

Description of Teaching Style

  • Lectures are open with questions and answers.  No question is stupid and helping each other is strongly encouraged.
  • The theory of topics is presented along with some real world examples.