Blackboard - Login Instructions for Students Fall Semester 2004

The St. Louis Community College District has made available to students and faculty an on-line resource known as Blackboard. Blackboard can be accessed from anywhere with internet access by using a Mac or a PC. Many faculty members are using Blackboard to teach on-line classes or to post information and quizzes to go with their course. This handout will provide basic information on how to access Blackboard.To access Blackboard log on to

If you are a current SLCC student and enrolled in a class using Blackboard, you may access Blackboard using your BannerWeb login information. To access your BannerWeb information, go to and follow the login instructions provided.Your initial BannerWeb User ID is your nine-digit Social Security Number (no dashes), or a number assigned by the College. Your PIN is a six-digit Personal Identification Number. For your information, your Blackboard Username is the same as your BannerWeb User ID. Likewise, your Blackboard Password is the same as your BannerWeb PIN. You will not be able to change your login information in Blackboard. All changes must be made in BannerWeb and will take effect the next day.

Software and Hardware Recommendations:
Platform: Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, or ME; MacOS 9 or MacOS X.
Hardware: 64 MB of RAM, 1 G of free disk space
Software: Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat Reader
Browser: Internet Explorer 5.5 or Netscape 4.78 - JavaScript & Cookies must be enabled.
Modem: 56 K

Trouble logging- in?
Login to BannerWeb to confirm your UserID and PIN. If you forgot your PIN, go to to reset it. If you try to login unsuccessfully three times in a row, your PIN will be suspended. You can have your PIN reactivated by presenting your SLCC ID card or a driver's license at one of the campus Admissions and Registration Offices. Remember, any changes you make will not take effect until the next morning. In addition, try checking your browser settings to make sure that the žJava scriptÓ and žaccept cookiesÓ are enabled.

Where to go for help

Navigating Blackboard

Just click on any of the links (see picture to left) and read announcements or print your syllabus or an assignment. Remember the communication and tools area can only be accessed if you are enrolled in a class. For more information try the tutorials listed below:

Tutorials to get you started
Online Blackboard - a beginning student tutorial (PDF document)
Getting Started in Blackboard - a tutorial for new students

Are you ready to take a web based or on-line class?
Take this self-assessment for distance learning:

SLCC Basic Computer Technology Skills needed for students
Check to see if you believe you have the basic computer skills needed to take an online class:


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