MTH210/Calculus I Writing Intensive


Florissant Valley Community College

Semester Spring 2009
Section 5WB/ 7:15 P.M. – 9:20 P.M./ Tuesday and Thursday/

Room SM268

Credit Hours: 5.0

Instructor: Ms. Anne Marie Mosher
Office: SM 270
Office Phone: 314-513-4352

Office Hours:

M: 4PM – 5:30PM

T: 9:15AM – 1PM and 9:30PM – 10: 00PM

W: 12:00PM – 1:00PM

R: 9:15 AM – 1:00PM






Text: Calculus 6th ed. By James Stewart  (Chapters 2 through 6) Limits, Tangent Lines, Formal Definition of a Derivative, Derivative Short

Cut Rules, Antiderivatives and Integrals, Areas under Curves, Volumes of Revolution and Applications of all of the previously listed topics. TI 83 or TI 84 Graphing Calculator is required.

Course Prerequisite: MTH 160 and MTH170 or MTH185 “C” or better


Quizzes:  25% of final grade.  Quizzes will be given most days of class. The lowest four will be dropped. The remainder will be averaged.  Make up quizzes are not allowed. Unforeseen circumstances coming up are taken care of by the dropping of four quizzes. If any of the quizzes are take home, they are due at the beginning of class on the day they are due. No late assignments are accepted.


Midterm  25% of final grade. A midterm exam will be given on Tuesday, March 24, 2009.


Final Exam: 35% of final grade. A comprehensive final exam will be given on Tuesday, May 12.

Writing Assignments: 10% of Final Grade: Every Thursday a writing assignment will be assigned.  These assignments are due at the beginning of class the next Thursday. Ten of these assignments will be averaged.  That is, students need to only complete ten of the offerings. See the criteria for college level work that will be accepted. Assignments  that do not meet this criteria will be returned for students to redo. The highest grade that someone can earn on a returned paper is 70%.   

Volume Project  5% of final grade: Students will work in groups on a volumes by revolution project. This project is due by noon Friday, May 15. Extra credit will be given if students turn projects in by the last day of class so that others may benefit from seeing what great ideas and volumes you have created.


Possible grades that may be earned in the class. 


A stands for Astounding. A student who earns an A has gone above
and beyond average. One earning an A in a course means the person knows the material well enough to explain it to someone else in possibly more than one way. Most people need to work regularly and smartly to earn A's. In considering what an A means imagine an employer looking at a transcript of a prospective employee who has earned an A in a certain subject. What do you imagine that employer assuming that A means ?
A: 91 % - 100 +%

B stands for Better than average. In earning a B one made a
significant accomplishment in the subject. The person has built a strong understanding of the subject and can explain most of it to someone else.
B: 90% - 81%

C stands for Central or average. A school or employer who reviews that a student has earned a C assumes the student has mastered a general knowledge of the topics covered in class. The student earning the C may not be an expert on all topics as the A and B student should be, but has mastered the general topics well enough to explain them and apply them in future courses or job applications. C: 70% - 80%
D: 60% - 69%

F: below 60%


I- Incomplete     -This normally indicates students have completed a major portion of the work in a class and for reasons approved by the instructor are prevented from completing the amount of course work required during the regular college term. Students must complete the course work in the time frame established by the instructor, up to one calendar year, in order for the I to be changed to a letter grade.   After one year, the I will be changed to a permanent “F” on the student’s academic record.  Student and instructor must enter into a written agreement describing the work to be completed, the time frame, and the grading criteria. For more information see the Fact Finder or STLCC Catalog.


W- Withdrawal-The student goes to the administration office and fills out paper work to withdraw them from the course by the end of the 12th  week of classes.  For Spring 2009 the last date of withdrawal is Friday, April 17.  The student is not withdrawn merely by not showing up for class.


The Student Fact Finder is also a very useful source of information. You may pick of a copy at Campus Life in the Student Center or reference the following web page


Attendance Policy:  No credit is given merely for attendance and no credit is taken away merely for missed days.  Students are responsible for keeping abreast of the material in class whether the student is in class or not.  Having respect for other students in class, do not come into class late.  If you do miss class, check with the teacher or a friend to get the material that you missed.  It is not fair to the rest of the students for a student to miss class, not make the effort to find out what was missed and then bog the class down with questions or lack of understanding due to having missed.


Expected Classroom Behavior:


1)      Be respectful: If you arrive late, enter quietly and sit in an available seat closest to the door.  Pay attention, do not engage in conversation or other disruptive behavior during class. Turn off your cell phone or pager before class.  Do not listen to IPODs, radios, MP3 players, DVD players or any other distraction during class. If you must leave early, leave quietly and do not block other students’ views of the blackboard or overhead screen as you leave.  Do not wait to sharpen your pencil after class has begun. If you need to sharpen your pencil, arrive early enough to sharpen it before class.


2)      Be prepared: Bring whatever materials are necessary to participate in class. (pencils, pens, paper, calculator, assignments due, etc.)  Make sure your calculator has charged batteries before an upcoming test.  Do not ask me for pencils, paper, calculators, or batteries.


3)      Be punctual: Attend class on time.  Be on time for all examinations.  Make sure

            that your other responsibilities do not conflict with the class schedule.


4)      Be responsible: Spend at least two hours on outside work for every one hour of

classroom work.  Take responsibility for your attendance, participation and learning in the course.


5)      Be Proud of Your Work: Take care in the work you turn in so that the work

shows well, is legible and organized. Consider your performance in this class as a job interview.


Help Outside the Classroom: Please refer to the instructor’s Office Hours.  Please e-mail or call the instructor to arrange another time if the office hours do not work for you.  In addition, there are many learning labs on campus.


Math and Science Learning Center: 314-513-4567 1st Floors of Student Center across from Library.  


Students with Disabilities:  The ACCESS OFFICE has been designated by the college as the primary office to guide, counsel and assist students with disabilities.  If a student receives services through the ACCESS OFFICE and requires accommodations for this class, the student should please see the instructor as soon as possible to discuss his/her needs.  Please bring the Instructor Notification Memo provided by the ACCESS OFFICE to the appointment.  All discussion will be kept in strict confidence and no information shared unless the student requests information shared with any other individual (e.g. a notetaker)

Florissant Valley
Access Office
3400 Pershall Road
St. Louis, MO 63135-1499
Phone: 314-513-4551 (voice)
Fax: 314-513-4876
TDD/TTY: 711


Good Luck ! And remember that the semester is only 15 weeks long !

Let’s start having some FUN!