Chris McDonald

slccfvb21225 Mathematics Department


Grading Policy

  • I give 5 unit tests and I drop the lowest test grade. I also give a comprehensive final examination. I do not give make-up tests. If you miss a test, then that is your drop test. The four highest tests and the final exam are each worth 20% of your final grade.


  • Although I do not collect or grade homework, completion of all assigned problems is essential to a thorough understanding of the material.


  • Although attendance is not used to calculate your grade directly, attendance is clearly an essential factor in successfully completing any mathematics class.


  • Usually each of the five unit tests has a take-home part and/or a project which is due the day of the test and worth 20 30 % of the test grade.

Description of Teaching Style

  • I usually lecture about 80% of the class time and have students work in groups about 20% of the class time.
  • I present the theory and and then show many examples.
  • My lecture is more fluid than structured.
  • I always try to demonstrate abstract concepts with real world examples.