Florence Hill Lark

Florence, the eldest of four children born to the union of Godfrey Hill and Mollie Vivian, in May 1892. The other children were Albert, Rankin and Lucy. At the age of eighteen Florence married Dan Lark. (certificate)

Nine months later their first child, my grandmother, Patty was born. During the next seven years Josephine, Dan and Mary were born. In October 1918 Florence gave birth to Elsihar, several days later Florence died of influenza. Elishar died of Influenza three months later, January 8, 1919. Distraught over the death of his wife and son, Dan suffered a nervous breakdown and was place in the hospital. The four children were sent to live with relatives. Patty & Josephine lived with their grandfather and great grandmother. Mary lived with her Aunt Lucy Calhoun, while Dan was sent to live with his cousin Odella Hill in Texas.

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