Godfrey Hill

Godfrey was born January 1870 in Girard, Louisiana a small farming town located in Richland Parish. He was born to a black mother, Patsy Hill and a white father (last name Hatch). My grandmother told lots of family stories but, I don't remember any stories about Godfrey Hill. My older relatives remember him as a tall, slim man who, as they put it "like to stay dressed up." Uncle J.V. Staten described Godfrey as a stern man who kept a close eye on things. I first met my great great grandfather in the recordings of the 1870 census schedule. There he was a bouncing 5 month old, on page 286, line 8. Godfrey grew up and in the early 1890's he married Mollie Vivian. To that union four children were born Florence, Elbert, Rankin, and Lucy.
Godfrey Hill died in 1935.
photo circa 1917

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