1. Attend class as scheduled
  2. Complete and submit assignments by due date
  3. Maintain C level standards on daily assignments
  4. Demonstrate proficiency on applied projects/activities at a minimum level of 75%
  5. Demonstrate proficiency on evaluation instruments at a minimum level of 70%




Exams – 4                         60%

Class participation

(includes homework)        10%

Project                               15%

Final Exam                        15%


Grading Scale for Tests


A= 90-l00

B= 80- 89

C= 70- 79

D= 60- 69


No grades will be assigned to homework or oral participation.  This area will be determined by the instructor’s evaluation of class participation and student’s participation.


Student Responsibilities:


  1. Complete all outside assignments within time allotment, organize and submit in a neat, orderly manner
  2. Attend class on a regular basis and be on time.  If you are absent, call 644-9942 and report it before class.  Obtain assignments from instructor or classmate and turn in before the next meeting of the class.  Late assignments receive one-half credit.
  3. Exhibit professional behavior and courtesy to classmates and the instructor.  Telephone, beepers, and radios are unacceptable instruments to have in either class or lab.
  4. Take and succeed on tests.  Usually there can be no makeup on tests.