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PSI 111 (Online Section)

Summer Semester




INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Kwan M. Lee, Professor

  Office: SS 211

  Phone: 984-7717 (office)

  E-mail: klee@stlcc.edu


COURSE DESCRIPTION:    Descriptive coverage of the topics: earth, solar system, stars, galaxies and evolution of the universe for non-science majors.    [3 lecture hours per week]



1. Provide a general understanding of the physical universe as explained by contemporary astronomy.


2. Provide a general understanding of the scientific method, especially how new knowledge is built incrementally upon past knowledge.


TEXTBOOK:  Explorations by Thomas T. Arny (McGraw- Hill)


MATERIALS NEEDED: Pencil and Eraser


EXAMINATIONS:  There will be a mid-term exam and a final exam.  There will be NO make-up exam unless you let me know prior to your absence.


FINAL EXAM:  The course final exam will be given at the end of semester.  There will be NO make-up final exam after the final week.


HOMEWORK:  Homework questions will be assigned for each chapter and should be turned in as told by your instructor.  The total, maximum score from these homework questions will be 50 points.  Late homework will NOT be accepted.



QUIZZES:  Quizzes will be given on the Blackboard website every week.  The total, maximum score from these quizzes will be 50 points.  There will be NO make-up quiz.


GRADES:  Total points will be distributed as follows:


Mid-term Exam:      200 points

Final Exam   :      200 points

Quiz     :           50 points

Homework :           50 points

Total Possible:     500 points


Final grades will be determined from the total points as follows:


A: 450 or above

B: 400 - 449

C: 350 - 399

D: 300 - 349

F: less than 299



INDIVIDUAL HELP:  Any student who wishes individual help is urged to send an e-mail message at klee@stlcc.edu.


STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES:  If any student in this class has a need for special testing arrangements, note taking, or other accommodations, please contact the ACCESS office (AD 120, 984-7673) and feel free to discuss your approved accommodations with me.


PLAGIARISM:  Plagiarism and cheating are serious offenses and may be punished by failure on the exam, paper or project; failure in the course.



                   LECTURE AND TEST SCHEDULE



WEEK                  CHAPTERS          EXAMS


 1                      1,2

 2                      3,4,5

 3                      6,7,8        Mid-Term Exam

 4                      9,10,11           

 5                      12,13,14             

 6                      15,16         FINAL EXAM



* From time to time this syllabus statement may need to be amended.