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revised on 3/20/2011
PSI:101 / (3 Credits)


This section of Physical Science Lecture I is offered as an alternative to the usual presentation format. There are no regular class meetings, but there will be on-campus testing on the following two Saturdays (7/7 and 7/28 at 10 am for the summer semester and 10/13 and 12/15 for section 674 (10/27 and 12/15 for section 675) at 10 am for the fall semester) and an optional on-campus orientation session in SS 211 (Meramec Campus) at 2 pm on Wednesday, June 20 (Aug. 22 for section 674 (9/19 for section 675) for the fall) for the students who don't know how to navigate the Blackboard website. The textbook for this course will be "Physical Science by Bill Tillery" ( (9th ed.) ISBN #: 0-07-351221-4 or 978-0-07-351221-1 or ISBN:978-0-07-758391-0).  You may buy the textbook at the Meramec bookstore or online ( or  The course content will be online materials created by the instructor and organized in much the same way as a traditional text. There are chapter outline, overview, goals and lecture notes for each chapter.  Weekly assignments will be posted on the Blackboard website and should be done by a given deadline.  Additionally, there are also links to related web sites.


If you have never used the materials on the Blackboard website before, I recommend that you attend the on-campus orientation session.  This session will focus on the use of the materials on the Blackboard website.  If you don't come to the orientation, I'll assume that you know how to use the materials on the Blackboard website.  



You register for this course just as you would for any other course.  As soon as you register, you have to log into the Student BannerWeb ( ) and type in your current phone number and activate your STLCC student e-mail account ( to complete the registration for this course. If you have never logged into the Banner website before, you need to click the 'Banner Instructions' button at the top.  You have to wait one business day in order to log into the Blackboard website after you log into the Banner website for the first time.



St. Louis Community College has adopted a software package called Blackboard as its standard for online course presentation and management.  You can log into the Blackboard website ( ) after June16 (Aug. 18 for section 674 (9/15 for section 675) for the fall semester).  The course syllabus with general expectations, test schedules, and grading procedures will be posted in Blackboard under "Course Information". Under "Communication", Blackboard supports several avenues of communication among or between students and between instructor and students, so most of the class "meetings" will take place online. The software's "Grading" feature allows students the option of looking at their grades at any time during the semester. Although the software supports online testing, issues of security and validity have caused us to opt for on-campus testing in this course.



Further information about the On-Line Course in Physical Science can be obtained by contacting the instructor: Dr. Kwan Lee at


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