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PSI:101 (Online Section)

Spring and Fall Semester



INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Kwan M. Lee, Assistant Professor

Office: SS 211

Phone: 984-7717 (office)

E-mail: klee@stlcc.edu

COURSE DESCRIPTION: An introductory course in the principles and methods of modern physical science. Designed for students in non-science and career curricula. [3 lecture hours per week]


1. To help students develop a scientific understanding of their


2. To learn some of the major theories, laws, and principles of

   science and the essential facts that form their foundations.

3. To learn the nature of science and the difference between

   fundamental science and applied  science.

4. To develop the interrelatedness of the various sciences.


PREREQUISITES: MTH:007 (with grade of "C" or better) or one year of high school algebra (with grade of "C" or better each semester)

TEXTBOOK:  Physical Science by Tillery (McGraw-Hill)

MATERIALS NEEDED: Scientific Calculator, Pencil, and Eraser

EXAMINATIONS:  As indicated in the schedule, there will be a mid-term exam and a final exam on the Meramec campus.  There will be NO make-up exam unless you let your instructor know in advance.


HOMEWORK: Homework problems will be given at the end of each chapter and should be turned in by the deadline, which will be posted on the course web site.   The homework problems won't be graded, but some questions on exams will come from the homework problems.


QUIZZES:  Quizzes will be given at the end of each chapter and should be taken by the deadline, which will be posted on the course web site.  The total, maximum score from these quizzes will be 100 points. There will be NO make-up quiz.

GRADES: Total points will be distributed as follows:

Mid-Term Exam : 150 points

Final Exam : 150 points

Quizzes : 100 points

Total Possible: 400 points

Final grades will be determined from the total points as follows:

A: 360 or above

B: 320-359

C: 280-319

D: 240-279

F: less than 239


INDIVIDUAL HELP: Any student who wishes individual help is urged to send an e-mail message at klee@stlcc.edu.

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: If any student in this class has a need for special testing arrangements, note taking, or other accommodations, please contact the ACCESS office (AD 120, 984-7673) and feel free to discuss your approved accommodations with me.

PLAGIARISM: Plagiarism and cheating are serious offenses and may be punished by failure on the exam, paper or project; failure in the course.

Withdrawal from On-Line Courses : You must come in person to withdraw from a class. In those cases where it is physically impossible for you to come to the campus or education center, you can write a letter and send it by fax or US mail (not e-mail). The reason, of course, is that they need a signature from you.


WEEK         CHAPTERS                           EXAMS

1                                    1

2                                    2A

3                                    2B

4                                    3                               

5                                    3                             

6                                    4                               

7                                    4                                

8                                    5                              Mid-Term Exam

9                                    6                               

10                                  7                             

11                                  7                                                                 

12                                14

13                                15

14                                16

15                                18                            

16                                18

17  (FINAL EXAMINATIONS)                 Final Exam          


* From time to time this syllabus statement may need to be amended.