Campbell Site, 23PM5 The Campbell Site (23PM5) is located in Pemiscot County in Southeast Missouri. The site was partially excavated by Leo O. Anderson, an amateur archaeologist, who collaborated with Professor Carl Chapman to publish the first discussion of the site (Chapman and Anderson 1955). The site consists of a large mound, cemetery areas, and village site dating from the Late Mississippian Period (approximately AD 1350 to 1541). The Campbell Site is situated on private property and is not open to the public. A summary of research at the site can be found in O'Brien (1996:60-67) and O'Brien and Wood (1998:335 - 337). The digital images used in this webpage are based upon the on-line artifact registration images prepared for the Museum of Anthropology. I have increased contrast, brightness and sharpened some of the images.

Eleanor Chapman's drawings of a effigy pot in the style of a human head that was excavated by Leo Anderson. This illustration was adapted from the 1955 cover of the Missouri Archaeologist.

Eleanor Chapman's reconstruction of an adult male based upon the Champbell Site effigy pot.

Eleanor Chapman's reconstruction of a Mississippian shaman based upon the discovery of a dog effigy pot in association with burial 19 at the Campbell Site. The location and medical condition of the burial influenced the identification of the burial as a shaman. O'Brien (1994:200) doubts that the conditions prove that the burial was a shaman.

Hooded bottle form in the shape of a gourd from the Campbell Site.

Nodena Red-on-White vase from the Campbell Site.

Varney Red filmed Dog Effigy pottery vessel fom the Campbell Site.

Bell plain bowl with wide-tab handles with perforations from the Campbell Site.

Jar with punctated bands on the neck of the jar form.

Rhodes Incised bottle from the Campbell Site.

Effigy bowl from the Campbell Site.

Effigy bowl from the Campbell Site.

Effigy bowl from the Campbell Site.

Campbell appliqued jar from the Campbell Site.
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Thanks to Candace Sall (Associate Museum Curator, Museum of Anthropology at the University of Missouri) for her assistance with studying the records and collections in the Museum of Anthropology at the University of Missouri. Many smiles to Ettus Hiatt for her help with text and content editing.

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