Leather shoe in the Novgorod Archaeological Museum, Russia

Leather Shoe - Russian, кожаной обуви [Kozha Obovka]/// Belarusian, скуранога абутку/// Bulgarian, кожени обувки/// Polish, obuwia skórzanego/// Czech, kožené boty/// Slovak, kožené topánky/// Serbian, кожне обуће/// Croatian, opanak/// Macedonian, Кожен чевел (ko-dzan che-val)

Examples of shoes and boots excavated from Novgorod, Russia (Artsikhovskii 1969:2870.

Leather shoe illustrated by Sedov (1968).

Leather shoe illustrated by Sedov (1968).

Upper to a tall boot illustrated by Antropova (2004:Plate 6); scale is 2 cm.
This fragment dates to the 12th or 13th century. Analysis identified 103 specimens
with seams on the back of the boot/shoe and 15 specimens with the seam on the side.

Leather shoe illustrated by Sedov (1968).
Antropova, Ia. V.
2004 Collection of Leather artifacts excavated from Giorgevskogo in old Russia.
Novgorod and Novgorod Region History and Archaeology 18:283-292. [in Russian]

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