Indian Rock pictograph site (23JE634)

Indian Rock pictograph site is situated on a high bluff in the Meramec River Drainage. The site is situated on private property and is not open to the public. The site is illustrated by Diaz-Granados (1993:Figure 20.1) and Diaz-Granados and Duncan (2000:Figure 4.9); their report gives the site name as Frumet.

Pictograph panel painted in red in red ochre; these are large - the bull's eye pictograph is approximately 60 cm. in diameter.

DStretch image using the YRE enhancement. The DStretch plugin to the ImageJ program was written by Jon Harman for rock art researchers who wish to enhance images of pictographs.

DStretch image using the YRE enhancement of the lower part of the panel showing two nested circles.

View from the Indian Rock pictograph site. The red ochre paintings are 7 meters below the rim of the cliff. See our climbing rope in the left hand corner of the photograph! All of the pictograph images were taken by Michael Cloney.

Michael McCloney and Michael Fuller at the Indian Rock site.

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