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CIAC IT Reports

I served as chair of the College's CIAC Information Technology Standing Committee for FY2005 and FY2006.

The charge of the IT Standing Committee is to become familiar with the issues associated with technology, to meet with key people in these areas to identify the issues for the committee to discuss, and/or bring forward recommendations to the CIAC.

I prepared and presented the following IT Committee reports during that period (links open Adobe Acrobat documents):


Proposed Student Email System

Completion of Privacy Implementation

GEMS Project Update (PDF from PowerPoint)

TESS Show Me Challenge (PDF from PowerPoint, this is the final version that was presented to the Board of Trustees)


Spam Management Guiding Principles

GEMS Project Update
     Supporting Documentation: Phase 1 Overview
     Supporting Documentation: Phase 1 Summary

Public Website Migration Project

CIAC Mission
The College Institutional Affairs Council (CIAC) will address organizational issues that effect the climate, culture and effectiveness of the institution and its mission by providing a forum, which will both initiate and enable change. This governing body will make recommendations to the Chancellor.
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