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Making Videos from PowerPoint Presentations

Learn step-by-step how to create an HD YouTube video from a PowerPoint 2010 presentation and a companion audio recording. Whether your need is lecture or presentation capture, video podcasting, or creating knowledge on demand learning modules, this video covers the critical considerations and processes required.

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The Files Used for This Presentation

News and Information
MACT Video Presentation
I presented on Making YouTube Videos from PowerPoint Presentations at the Missouri Association for Customized Training (MACT) Fall Conference. The YouTube video and example files from this presentation are online.
State of the St. Louis Workforce
The State of the St. Louis Workforce website has been upgraded to use WordPress to allow social collaboration on the report and regional information. This website provides critical workforce intelligence that business, economic development and education decision makers will find valuable as they develop strategies to address a changed environment for business development, economic development and talent development for our region. Visit http://stlcc.edu/stlworkforce.
Business & Training Podcast Series
The Workforce Solutions Group has a new weekly series of podcasts that addresses important workplace topics & provides information, skills and resources you’ll need to successfully navigate today’s complex business and employment environment. Subscribe to the podcast series.

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